Your Mercer Story: Anything But Typical

At Mercer, the first-year experience is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and plug into the Macon community as soon as you step onto campus. It’s not out of the norm to have a professor ask for your help with a research project, to study abroad through a Mercer On Mission trip, or to publish an article in the school newspaper.

Get excited and get ready to write your own #MyMercerStory. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of the Mercer experience.

Below, several Mercer students share their first-year experiences. As you read their stories, remember that these students have walked in your shoes. Beginning a new adventure in college can feel both exciting and daunting, but these students were able to find their place and thrive on campus.


“I came into college relatively shy. How could I ever come out of my shell and do great things? That quickly changed when I stepped foot onto Mercer’s campus and was overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement coming my way. Mercer has given me the confidence and resources I need to overcome my fears and to be a leader in my generation.”
-Darice Cudjoe, Class of 2019


“Being elected as a Freshman Senator on SGA changed my course of life! SGA is where I’ve made some of my best friends, learned about myself, and even figured out what I wanted to do after I graduate.”
-Reed Jones, Class of 2018


“I found a support system through the journalism department that really helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, and I am forever grateful for that. When I needed to vent, I had a listening ear. When I was struggling financially, the faculty helped me find an on-campus job. At Mercer, your professors really care about you. You aren’t just a number or a check on the attendance sheet. You are a vital part of the program, just like your peers.”
-Katie Atkinson, Class of 2019


“My freshman year, I decided that I wanted to try my best to make new friends and find a community. Getting involved at Mercer has been the best decision I’ve made. We were made for community, so going through life completely on your own in college doesn’t help you flourish. Your friends and your community—that’s what helps you flourish.”
-Brenley Martinez, Class of 2018


“My freshman experience at Mercer was a little different than most people’s because I started in the spring instead of the fall. I was a little shy to meet new people, but about two weeks into the spring semester, I joined a game of Humans vs. Zombies on campus. It turned out to be a great opportunity to make new friends and get me out of my comfort zone.”
-Denzel Udemba, Class of 2018


“I feel that a lot of times at other schools, freshmen are put on the back burner when it comes to service opportunities or being involved in leadership, etc. At Mercer, that is not the case! As a freshman, I have already been accepted into a Mercer On Mission trip to Ecuador, I have a job on the Special Events Team for Mercer’s Office of Admissions, and I have the option to conduct research with countless professors if I’m interested.”
-Megan Steele, Class of 2020


“I had this false idea that only upperclassmen could do research and implement student-led projects, but Mercer has taught me quite the opposite. In fact, Mercer has encouraged me, even as a freshman, to get involved and start making a change on campus.”
-Grant Denton, Class of 2020


“Being twelve hours away from my family, my friends, and everything I grew up around was new for me as a freshman. But my favorite memory that year was seeing my friends experience snow for the first time. Being from Indiana, I was surprised that the school shut down for a week, but I didn’t complain! I made some of my closest friends through sledding, building snowmen, and taking pictures in the rare snowstorm.”
– Gracie Dusseau, Class of 2017

We believe that you can make an impact here as a member of the Mercer family. Take inspiration from these students’ stories and have faith in yourself!

Once you get here, you’ll have the chance to create your own Mercer experience and pursue your passion. Find your niche and prepare yourself to shake up the world!

So, only one question remains: How will you write your Mercer story?

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