Senior Stories: Looking Back


Senior year.

An end. A time to reflect, cherish the moments, and say goodbyes. To realize the impact this time has made on your life. To recognize the people who have influenced you. To be confident in the things you have learned.

A beginning. A time to look ahead, hope for the future, and be fearless. To embrace the ocean of possibilities that lies ahead. To brave the unknown. To take every opportunity that comes your way.

The next step: Mercer. A place for you to grow, thrive, and discover your potential. To step out of your comfort zone. To meet new people. To challenge yourself to be the best that you can be. Your next four years will be life-changing.

Hear about it for yourself from several Mercer seniors. They’ll reflect on their past four years, offer encouragement as you begin your Mercer journey, and share some wisdom and advice for the road ahead.

Senior Reflections



Major: Mathematics

Involvement: Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Mercer Bearitones (a cappella group), Peer Advisor, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Plans after graduation: Taking the GRE over the summer and applying to grad schools for next year

“To be a Mercerian means you are willing to persevere. Mercer is a tough school, but we’re all striving to be the best that we can be. That means we’re never afraid to keep pushing and challenging ourselves.”

“Mercer has helped me to grow into a more confident person, especially through the Peer Advisor program. I’ve learned that I’m capable of doing more than I give myself credit for. I’ve learned that we’re all capable of doing so much more than we give ourselves credit for.”



Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Spanish

Involvement: Cheerleading Team, Peer Advisor, SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee), Phi Mu Sorority, Great Books Program

Plans after graduation: Attending Mercer University School of Medicine on a Health Professions Scholarship for the U.S. Navy

“You can see a difference in Mercerians. You can see it in their passion for education, their career efforts, and in the way they treat people and treat one another. True Mercerians embody the University’s spirit of love and family, and take that out into the world with them wherever they go.”

“I’ve treasured every minute that I’ve been at Mercer. It has proven to be everything that I ever dreamed it would be and more. I have so much love for this institution. I got an education here that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”



Major: Biomedical Engineering | French

Involvement: Student Admissions Team, Resident Assistant, International Bears Association, Student Government Association

Plans after graduation: Entry-level position as a biomedical engineer

“Mercer is such a diverse school. I’ve gotten to know people from so many different backgrounds. We’re all here to make each other better, and working together, we can definitely achieve that. If you want to work hard, if you want to make a difference, and if you want to become a better individual, both professionally and personally, Mercer is the best place you can be.”


“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Life is all about trying new things, and I think that shapes us into better people. Mercer offers so many opportunities to meet new people. Give everything a try. You never know how much an activity, a friendship, a class, or an organization is going to impact your life.”



Major: Biology | Spanish

Involvement: QuadWorks, Muslim Student Association, Mercer Live Committee, Minority Affairs, Resident Advisor, Mercer Prosthetics and Orthotics Club

Plans after graduation: Studying abroad in Spain; finishing second degree; applying to grad school to become a physician assistant

“I know that wherever life takes me, whatever I accomplish in the end, I’m supposed to give back to the community. I want to help people.”

“I’ve learned to think not only of myself – I’ve learned to think of others. In Dr. Nelson’s class, we did a poverty simulation, which really opened my eyes to the world. Because I come from a small school and a small hometown, I only saw what was within my boundaries. But Dr. Nelson pushed us to look outside of that, to go far beyond and be engaged within the community, not just Mercer.”

“I loved my INT classes because they always pushed me to be engaged with people who are different from me. I think the best way to learn is to ask questions and to experience and to learn about what’s different from you. That’s what makes you a well-rounded person.”


“Seize every opportunity you get. Don’t hold back. Don’t sell yourself short. Take opportunities as they come.”



Major: Marketing

Involvement: RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), Quadworks, The Mercer Cluster, ESPN3, Student Advisory Council for the Stetson School of Business and Economics, Lacrosse Club

Plans after graduation: Staying in Macon to be a freelance videographer and photographer; working with other businesses

“I really love belonging to a group of students who care, who are real, who are genuine, and who are driven to make a difference.”

“What has impacted me the most has been the opportunities I’ve experienced outside of the classroom – to work with professionals in the community. To network and connect and be a part of the business world.”

“What inspires me the most is listening to people’s stories and finding out what makes them get up in the morning, what drives them, what they’re passionate about, and what makes them live their lives to the fullest. For me, finding that out and then sharing it is one of the most fulfilling things that I do. I’m in love with chasing after people’s stories and sharing them with the world.”



Major: Global Health Studies | Minor: Biology | Chemistry

Involvement: Honor Council, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, SNMA-MAPS (Student National Medical Association-Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students)

Plans after graduation: Attending medical school at Wake Forest University

“Changing the world is truly encouraged at Mercer. We all have a goal to do something bigger than ourselves.”

“Mercer has really helped to bring out the leadership qualities in me. I’ve really learned how to step up and take leadership, but also when to sit back and let somebody else take the lead.”


“Make the most of these four years. They really go by fast. Sometimes you’re working so hard to get to the next step, you forget to live in the moment. Sit outside on Cruz Plaza. Hang out with your friends. Realize that life might not ever be like this again, where you have four years with such close friends and professors. Take advantage of these opportunities.”

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  1. I really appreciate the advice they gave. It gives just another reassurance for me wanting to be a freshman this upcoming fall. Thanks again and Go Bears!🐻

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