What It’s Like To Live With A Roommate

Having a roommate is the best! Think about it. You never have to worry about who to sit with in the Caf. You don’t have to binge watch all ten seasons of Friends alone. You’ve got a gym buddy. A study buddy. A late-night-ice-cream-run buddy. But above all, you have a friend who knows exactly what you’re going through because they’re right there with you.

We followed three sets of roommates as they navigate their first year on campus to get their stories on what it’s like to live with each other.

Video produced entirely by Mercer senior Thais Ackerman.

Elizabeth Tadlock & Phoebe Capps

How they met: through a family friend

They describe themselves as: weird and definitely different people, but really good friends

Favorite thing to do together: laugh

What they like most about being roommates: even though they moved away from their families, they’ve become like each other’s family

“She’s kind of like my hype man, you know, like she never brings me down. She’s always hyping me up.”


“I think a really good dynamic to have is to be respectful and loving and to be a support system—encouraging them to branch out and meet new people and to support them in whatever they do.”


Kennedy Howery & Eric Hiser

How they met: played on their high school basketball team together

Things they do together on campus: fraternity life, play basketball, and study

What they like about being roommates: they’ve known each other so long, have the same interests, and get along really well

“We spend a lot of time with each other, not just in our room, but outside of school. We’ve made a lot of memories.”

“I think we have this chemistry where he keeps the room clean…for the most part.”


“I like how like chill and laid back he is. He never really makes a big deal out of anything, so there are never any problems we have with each other.”


Sheridan King & Zelda Tabe

How they met: through Mercer’s Facebook group for incoming freshmen (The Bear’s Den!)

How they spend quality time with each other: they go out to eat together once a week to catch up and see how the other is doing

Why being roommates works well for them: they support each other and value their relationship while also respecting each other’s space

“To be honest, Zelda’s the ideal roommate. No, she’s the perfect roommate! Living with her has been an adjustment, but not a bad one. It’s made me more aware of the things that I should work on as a person.”


“If I need help with something, she’s always there—whether it’s with homework, or if I just need someone to talk to.”


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