Roommate Dos & Don’ts

Hi, future Bears! My name is Amisa Jiwani! I’m a first-year Mercer student from Peachtree City, GA, and I’m a nursing major. My roommate and I were introduced by my older sister who just graduated from Mercer. The rest is history!

You’re about to share your space with a new person and you’re not sure what to expect. I get it – I have been there! Everything you are feeling is totally valid, but it doesn’t have to be hard. It can actually be amazing! A roommate can be a guaranteed friend who can sympathize with all of your feelings in this transition period. So here are some essential roommate Dos & Don’ts to make the best of your first year!

DO discuss daily routines.

Are you a night owl or an early riser? Do you prefer to avoid human contact until after your 8 a.m. UNV 101 class, or are you ready to start the day at the crack of dawn? Discuss your schedules with your roommate so that they can be aware of when you may be in and out of the room. And be considerate. You never know how late your roommate was up studying last night in the 24-hour study room at the library!

DO set boundaries.

Not everyone is used to sharing a room, and no one is used to sharing a room with a stranger. Be mindful of other people’s space, but remember that it is okay to ask for space when you need it. Communication is key to a healthy roommate relationship.

DON’T take things without asking.

Sharing clothes and food is great. I mean just think about it, TWO selections of snacks and TWO closets. However, you don’t want there to be arguments when your hot fries or her favorite shoes are missing. Always ask before taking things!

DO split responsibilities.

Nobody wants to clean the whole room on their own. Help your roomie vacuum, Lysol, and do the dishes. Keep the room clean together! You and your roommate can even come up with a schedule for weekly cleanings.

DON’T sweat the small stuff.

Keep in mind that all people are different. Your roommate’s habits may not align with your own, but it’s important not to sweat the small stuff. You may have to make some compromises, but it’ll make your living situation so much easier if you can learn to live with different people.

DO agree on who is bringing what before Opening Day.

Before Opening Day, create a list of items that you and your roommate will need, and split up who’s going to bring what. It’ll make for a smoother Opening Day experience! Don’t worry about moving in your belongings all by yourself; we’ll have the Mercer Movers ready to help you pivot those big items up the stairs.

DON’T invite your O-Group over all the time.

Everyone loves a social butterfly, but it can get old having people in your room 24/7. So, if you’re thinking about inviting people over for an impromptu O-Group party, make sure to give your roommate a heads-up!

DO go on late-night food runs with your roomie.

I mean this is self explanatory, but let’s be real, the best way to get to know someone is at Waffle House over some chocolate chip waffles. 

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