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Junior | Journalism Major | Admissions Marketing Student Intern

One of the great things about college is the perks for students — free t-shirts and events, discounts at local restaurants, the list goes on and on! As if you needed more reasons to get pumped about life at Mercer, here are 11 #mercerperks you’ll enjoy as a student.

1. Free stuff!

It’s no secret that being a college student means learning to live on a tighter budget. That’s why I love all the free things that Mercer offers its students! There’s free parking on campus, free tickets to all sporting events, free laundry, free Mercer swag giveaways at eventsespecially t-shirts — and so much more.

2. Your professors REALLY know you

At Mercer, your professors don’t just teach you, they get to know you inside and outside the classroom. They’ll help you with job or internship searches, plug you into research opportunities, offer the best life advice, and maybe even invite your class to their home for dinner!

3. Perfect campus size

There’s no need to worry about bus schedules or driving to class because our campus is completely walkable. That means it’s super easy to get your daily steps in, but you may need to leave extra early for class because you’ll inevitably stop and talk to friends along the way!

4. O-Group

All first-year students are placed into Orientation Groups, or O-Groups, their first semester, where they meet as a class once a week to learn the ropes from an older student (called a Peer Advisor) and a Mercer faculty member. The people in this class will become your first friends at Mercer and will provide a place where you can discuss adjusting to college. O-Groups are forever!

5. Mercer On Mission

This #mercerperk is international! Mercer offers a variety of study abroad opportunities, but none are quite like the Mercer On Mission (MOM) program. MOM sends students across the world to complete various projects with specific service and research goals in mind. MOM has sent students to fit prosthetics in Vietnam, test water quality in Peru, support entrepreneurial opportunities in Rwanda, empower youth in South Africa, and so much more!

6. Mercer Movers

Worried about how you’re going to get all your stuff moved into your first-year residence hall? Don’t stress. The Mercer Movers have you covered! These student, faculty, and staff volunteers will help unload your car and carry items to your room to get you settled in. 

7. Fun events

No matter where you go, college can definitely be stressful at times. A great #mercerperk to counteract that stress is all the fun events hosted on campus! Whether it’s our Bearstock concert, our midnight movie event, or even camels on Cruz Plaza for Hump Day, there’s always something happening.

8. Fried Chicken Wednesday

Fried Chicken Wednesday is a Mercer tradition unlike any other. Every Wednesday, students, faculty, and staff from all over campus head to the Fresh Food Company to get a big plate of fried chicken, mac & cheese, black eyed peas, and cornbread!

9. Macon!

This city has so much to offer. From music history that includes Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers to outdoor sites like the Ocmulgee National Monument and Amerson River Park, there’s something for everyone.


I’m proud of you for MACON it this far in the post! If you BEAR with me a little longer, you’ll learn that one of the best #mercerperks is the endless pun opportunities. Some people may find it unBEARable, but MACON puns is common practice for Mercerians.

11. Being a Mercer Bear!

The greatest #mercerperk is the combination of all these things and more! It’s going to a school that prioritizes individual learning, being surrounded by passionate people, and getting to live in a city with a thriving community. It’s being a part of something truly special, something that’s only at Mercer!

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