Mercer Lingo

If you’ve ever been on Mercer’s campus, chances are you’ve heard some distinct words and phrases. As you prepare to transition into your first year at Mercer, here are some common words and phrases that you’ll want to know!

The Caf

Short for the cafeteria, the Caf refers to the Fresh Food Company, which is located in the Connell Student Center.

“Do you want to go grab lunch at the Caf with me this afternoon?”

The Lib

Short for Tarver Library, the Lib is the perfect place to study, pick up a bagel from Einstein Bros. Bagels, or meet to work on a group project.

“I’m heading to the Lib later to work on some homework if you want to come.”


No, not the game or the insect. Cricket is President Underwood’s dog, who you can often find walking with the president around campus.

I saw Cricket on Cruz Plaza today and my day was instantly better!”


FCW is the abbreviation for Fried Chicken Wednesdays, when there’s fried chicken served for lunch in the Caf.

I can’t wait for FCW, I’ve been craving it all week!”


MerPo is short for Mercer Police, which is the University’s police department located on campus.

I have to go to MerPo today to pick up my parking decal.”


Short for Margaritas Mexican Grill, Margs is a student favorite in Mercer Village, famous for its Bradforditos Favorite.

Anyone want to go to Margs tonight?”


Short for Peer Advisor, your P.A. is an older student who helps you transition to life in college and helps teach your UNV 101 class.

My P.A. is the coolest person I know!”

Bear Ness

Short for Bear Necessities, Bear Ness is the spot in the Connell Student Center that houses P.O.D. (Provisions On Demand) Market, Brewed Awakenings, Which Wich, and comfy couches for studying.

Come meet me in Bear Ness and we can grab a coffee and study together!”

The Quad

The Quad is the part of campus that houses Mercer’s most historic buildings, including Willingham Hall, the Godsey Administration Building, and more.

I was walking through the Quad on my way to class today.”


Formally known as Plunkett Hall, Plunk-city is one of Mercer’s first-year residence halls.

I’m on my way to Plunk-city to sit by the pool.”

The Farm

Short for the Farmers Market, the Farm is famous for its delicious cookies and healthy food options.

Anyone want to go to the Farm for dinner?”


Short for Cruz Plaza, Cruz is the spacious lawn in the middle of campus. It’s the perfect place for a weekend picnic or game of Frisbee.

It’s such a nice day outside, I think I’ll go sit on Cruz and do my homework.”


Short for Orientation Group, your O-Group is the group of students who you go through Bear Beginnings and UNV 101 with.

Oh, I know her. She was in my O-Group!”


An abbreviation for the Connell Student Center, CSC is where the Caf, P.O.D. Market, Brewed Awakenings, and Which Wich are located.

I went over to CSC to grab a bite to eat.”

Go Bears!

We use this phrase in any and every situation, like when you pass that test you’ve been studying for, get the last cookie at the Farm, or cheer on the Bears at a football game.

I was at a loss for words so I just said Go Bears!”

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