6 Tips for Online Learning

Are you new to online classes? Or maybe you have taken a few courses online, but never your full load? We have some tips for you!

1. Establish a routine.

Time management is key when taking classes online. Set aside certain times for each class and use a planner to keep track of upcoming due dates.

2. Use your resources.

Do you understand the systems your teacher will be using to teach virtually? Whether it’s Zoom or through an online portal, make sure your computer is compatible and you’re prepared to receive the information you need to be successful.

3. Eliminate distractions.

Turn your phone on silent and pause Netflix during your dedicated study time. Exit out of Facebook on your computer and make sure you’re sitting somewhere free of distractions. Get comfortable…but not too comfortable!

4. Get organized.

Make a system to keep your files organized on your computer and name your files so you can easily find them. Organize important dates and set reminders so you don’t forget to turn in your homework.

5. Be engaged.

You can’t raise your hand to ask a question in online class, but make sure your questions are getting answered. Some teachers will have virtual office hours, but all teachers should be available via email. When sending your email, make sure to use email etiquette.

Another way to engage is to connect with your classmates virtually. You may not be able to meet for study groups, but it is important to work together.

6. Treat yourself.

Did you make an A on a paper you worked hours on? Pass a test that you have spent days preparing for? Make it through another day of online class? Treat yourself – you deserve it!

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