Juniors: 4 Ways to Discover Your Passion in High School

Whether or not you know what you want to study, college gives you the opportunity to explore different academic interests and passions. You can do that in high school, too. Colleges and universities want to see what inspires you.

Remember: while grades are important, the most important things are to explore your interests, discover your passion, and make a difference! 

Here are 4 ways to discover your passion while in high school:

1. Take elective courses in a variety of fields.

Try something new and take an elective course that will introduce you to a different subject. You could take classes such as art, theatre, computer science, or psychology. You may discover a new talent or interest through these classes.

2. Serve others in your community and around the world.

Read a book to elementary school students, collect canned goods for a local soup kitchen, serve a meal at a nearby homeless shelter, or participate in a mission trip. Service is a great way to discover your interests and use your talents for the greater good.

3. Participate in an athletic team or club.

Playing a sport or being a part of club in your high school will teach you leadership skills, communication, and so much more. Being involved can help you learn more about yourself. Plus, colleges and universities like learning about you through your involvement, too.

4. Work a part-time job.

A part-time job can teach you responsibility, teamwork, and more. Whether it’s babysitting, waiting tables, or dog walking, you can learn about what you like to do. 

Remember: there is a balance between being involved and doing it all! You don’t have to participate in every opportunity, but it is important to express your interests to colleges and universities.

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