Sophomores: 3 Ways to Prepare for Standardized Tests

Now that you’re in your sophomore year, you’re probably hearing a lot about testing. You might be wondering which test to take—the ACT or the SAT—and you might be wondering when you need to take it. The process can seem overwhelming and scary, but it doesn’t have to be. 

It is important to see which exam best fits you. Everyone tests differently and you never know which one will be a better fit for you. Keep in mind that some schools, like Mercer, have a Test Optional policy, which means you don’t need an ACT or SAT score to apply. 

Either way, here are some test-taking tips that you might find helpful if you plan to take a standardized test.

1. Physically prepare.

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam and eat breakfast the morning of! 

2. Be confident.

Be confident in your abilities and try not to second guess yourself. Both exams are about four hours long, so be sure to pace yourself while answering questions.

3. Consider taking both exams–more than once!

There are pros and cons to both exams. Depending on which subjects you are stronger in, you may excel at one more than the other. I would also recommend taking them more than once, because some schools will take your highest score in each section to give you a better chance to earn more scholarships.

If you’re taking an exam soon, good luck! And remember to send your test scores to the colleges you’re considering. Mercer’s SAT code is 5409 and ACT code is 0838. Remember: if you don’t think your scores are an accurate reflection of you academically, many schools will allow you to apply Test Optional. 

For more information about Mercer’s Test Optional policy, visit our website

Good luck and go Bears! 

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