Sophomores: 3 Things to Look for On Your College Visit

It’s never too early to start visiting college campuses. And now is a great time to take advantage of all kinds of possibilities, from sporting events to admissions opportunities and more! 

When you’re making your visits, pay attention to these 3 important factors:

1. Spirit

What is the spirit of the student body, professors, and university as a whole? When you visit, do you feel empowered to be better and grow? When you visit Mercer’s campus, you will notice that Mercer students have an optimistic spirit not only for their school, but for the community of Macon as well–and even beyond!

2. Distinctive Features

What makes the school unique? One thing that makes Mercer unique is how much the university really values community service. Service is integrated into campus life and even our academics with the service-learning component.

3. Fit

Does the school offer majors, clubs, and activities you are interested in? Can you see yourself living in the residence halls, eating in the dining halls, and immersing yourself in the community? It’s important to find a university that offers majors and classes related to your passions so that you can explore all possible options.

We would love to see you on campus soon! To view upcoming events and register, visit our website.

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