10 Ways to Social Distance

Hi future Bears! My name is Nadia Pressley, and I’m a junior Journalism and Global Development Studies double major. I know a lot has changed in the past few weeks; staying happy and healthy are our main priorities, which has limited our social interaction. Below are 10 ways you can occupy your time while social distancing.

1. Call your grandma.

You’ve probably gone weeks without checking up on your grandma…or your uncle or your elderly neighbor back home. Since you have a little down time, now is the perfect time to give your family members a call, ask how everyone is doing, and make sure they have everything they need!

2. Start that passion project you have been putting off.

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or have been meaning to learn that old acoustic guitar collecting dust in your basement, now is the time to do it! Starting a passion project is a perfect way to keep your mind occupied, your creative juices flowing, and yourself entertained.  

3. Get some sunshine.

Just because you are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get some vitamin D! It is still important to get outside and recharge your mind and body.

4. Bake.

You’ve been inside all week…you deserve a sweet treat! Raid your pantry to see what desserts you can whip up.

5. Read that book you never finished.

You are probably in your room, staring at your bookshelf filled with novels unfinished as you read this. Take this time to pick up where you left off. Even better, watch the movie adaptation after you finish the book!

6. Create a new TikTok dance.

Charlie D’amelio doesn’t have to be the only TikTok star on the rise. There are thousands of songs that haven’t been “TikTok’ed” yet. Choose your favorite, and get to dancing!

7. Get your spring cleaning done.

It’s getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Each year, we always put off our spring cleaning and focus on other things. Take this time to get a head start! Your future self will thank you.

8. Binge some Netflix shows.

Have you been waiting to watch the new season of your favorite show all semester? Now is the perfect time to do it! Find a new show or rewatch an old one. There’s no shame in binging a season in a few days!

9. Wash your car (and your hands).

When was the last time you washed your car? It’s likely that you don’t remember. No judgement here. But now, you have some time to do it! (And don’t forget, keep washing those hands!)

10. Take Mercer’s virtual campus tour.

Though we’re sad that we can’t see you in person right now, Mercer has created the perfect virtual tour so you can still explore campus! Check out visit.mercer.edu to take your tour.

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